Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Tree

We got our first Christmas tree. It is not very full but I like it. We put the large bulb lights on it slit is very bright. The. I made a few ornaments out of bleached seashells and then my grandmother grave me my great grandmother's ornaments. I think it is a good start for our first Christmas.

I am going to look for more vintage ornaments for next year!

I need a tree skirt. I will have to find a cute pattern and fabric.

We also need some stockings to match. I like the high heel look maybe I can make a cute pattern for me!

New Room Arrangement

I arranged these pictures over our little love seat which use to be our couch. I have always wanted a photo wall. It looks like a good start. This seating area is not centered around the tv but I did stash lots of book in the corner so you can read or chat and not have the tv as a distraction. Since I started grad school I can see a lot of studying happening here!

My favorite picture is the old window that has a wave braking on the first jetty near Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. It is really easy. You an take any picture to staples and have it blown up then cut it to fit the panes. I pulled this window out of the barn at our family home place but I have even seen then at thrift stores!

I put my favorite chair in the corner! It was the first price of furniture I purchased. Blue Ridge Interiors. One of my favorite places in Boone! I'm going to put the tree here for Christmas and we moved a heater to that corner so that it is nice and cozy.

Of course we had to put the tv somewhere because we watch way too much of it! But thankfully my super cool boss gave us this cool sectional. I know it has mountains on it! But it is a lazy boy so it is really comfy. The tv stand and coffee table are from Walmart but they look good in there. We still need a rug for the dog. He slides all over the place.

Maybe I will recover the couch one day just to see if I can. Or a slip cover might be nice too.

We have such a long room it worked best to split it into two rooms. Just some advice for those with the same problem. Hope you get some good ideas!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Sewing Room!

New Sewing Machine! I found at Hot Line Pink and it is really heavy. The best thing about it is that it still works. I can't wait to sew some new surf on it soon!

This is how I set up the room so that when I have company they can pull out the air matters and sleep in the middle of the room. 

My sewing table with two sewing machines on it. It makes me look really intense I can't wait till I have time to work on some new stuff in this room. I have been afraid to hang out in this room because I was totally convinced it was haunted. But I think I am over it now and will be able to spend some time in there especially now that we have a TV in the room 

I love this bike rack. With my cool new bike on the top. It also has met old JC Pennies bike on the bottom. 

Nor Eastern

We went to check out the ocean! 

Sea foam was blowing across the road

Overwash in Kitty Hawk 

the NorEastern kept us from diving south to work for the weekend so we were hard at work cleaning and rearranging the apartment. I have come to terms that we are going to stay so I am going to fix up the apartment how I want it to be. I am also going to start caulking everything! No bugs are getting in our place anymore.

Bugs are a big problem when you live at the beach. Especially cockroaches. We like to call them water bugs, but whatever you call them they are big, have wings and fly. They also make really big messes when you squish them!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Latest Quilt not finished yet

I found a back. I was not so sure about it at first. But I feel in love with it and I just could not get another backing. And it was on sale $22.00 for 5 yards! Score!

So this is what the quilt looks like after I quilted it in pink. We just took it off the machine. I left the edges jagged. Looks good! 

So pretty and very very colorful! 

Oh and Roscoe loves it! Just as soon as I put it over the chair he jumped on it and took a nap! 
Binding is still to come! 


I made some wonderful strawberry at a  canning workshop I went to Wednesday. 
Here is the recipe! Make sure if you are canning that you use an approved recipe that is either in the Ball Blue Book or in the University of Georgia's So Easy to Preserve.

Here is a little Canning Overview in case you want to try it on your own! I will let you know about my adventures because I am ordering a canner like today. i have to have on the words with my flat top stove so the search is on.

Look what I found!

I have been looking around for fun things at the thrift store! I found some good stuff today and I will be going out again tomorrow!

The bottom dish is brown and gold! I like it found them at Hotline !!

An old bed sheet I found. It will be great for the back of some quilt or some other really cool project. 

Drawstring Bag

I made the drawstring bag! It turned out so cute! The tutorial is can be find on the blog in color order.

I lined the bag so that you can wipe it out. I used a clear vinyl table cloth cover over the lining material. A tip: turn the material upside down so that the vinyl does not stretch out to far.