About me

I started sewing when I was about 1o years old. Later on I found a love for quilting and I owe it all to my high school Apparel teacher! That is why I went on to college to study Family and Consumer Sciences, Secondary Education. For those of you that do not know that is Home Economics-we changed our name in 1995.I graduated from Appalachian State University in December of 2010. I was not offered a job anywhere near my hometown of Winston-Salem, NC. My boyfriend was stoked because I applied for a job near him on the Outer Banks. Now I like at the beach and work just over the Wright Memorial Bridge in Currituck County with North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension. That's about it, except I have the cutest little puppy ever, Rosco and I am sure he will pop up on my blog from time to time. He is my baby and I spoil him rotten.
Katie and Me in our one pieces! 

 The Pup!

Me and My Bro 

My Handsome Boyfriend

On our walk along the sound.

Walking along the sound we found this cool try! That's Owen up there.

We love bike rides!

My Best Friends!!!

Girls SK8 night. At 316 sk8