Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love smoothies!

I have a new found love for smoothies which is great because otherwise I do not get enough fruits. I bought this frozen berry medley from Walmart and some non fat frozen yogurt to make it cheaper than buying fresh. Although the blackberries have really big seeds. I really don't like seeds so maybe I'll try some different frozen fruits next time.

Oh and I bought plastic straws to use instead of disposable straws. I like to drink out of straws but I hate to waste so much buying them over and over again so these I got at Kirkland's for $2.99 a pack of six. But because I live on here on the outter banks I had to order them.

Wood burning

I have always wanted to try wood burning. So I have these super cool wood burning tools....

I know I don't have a stand so I put the hot one on a shot glass. I made the cutes little sign out of beach fence. I found it washed up on the beach so that makes even cooler looking. Don't judge me too harshly it was my first experience.

Now I have to find some ore wood to burn! I could come up some cute ideas for organization and burnt wood signs. I'll get back to you on that one.