Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I love growing stuff now!

I have been trying to grow things these days and it turns out my black thumb isn't so black anymore! I think it is thanks to Jan the ag tech at the cooperative extension office where I work. She got a lot of bulbs about a month ago and I potted a few that have grown into beautiful flowers.

They are beautiful aren't they? See why I have taken up growing things. It is not that hard to make things grow like this aloe plant. When I got it it was soo small. I repotted it and now it is getting pretty big. In fact I think it is time to repot it again. It loves the sunlight from our out of place window. The best part is the aloe plant does mind to much if you forget to water it.

I would really like to have one of those really large aloe plants... It is a project in the works. I think I will have to add another aloe plant to this one to make it spread out. This one just likes to grow up.

I bought this herb garden at target. I'm growing cilantro, basil, and parsley. I started them from seeds so I excited to watch them grow. I see this hobbie growing especially when it gets warmer.