Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Insanity the beginning (better late than never)

I wrote this post so long ago but then I could not decide if I was going to post it or not because it throws the whole before photos out there and insecurities I never knew I had. (my next thought "I wear this bathing suite out in public") So after that I said if everyone here at the beach sees me like this then why not the enter webs. So here it is I am three weeks in at the point and already I feel a lot better about my body and a lot stronger so check out my before Insanity! 

I have started Insanity! I am going to do the 60-day challenge. So the first step to doing insanity is to take the before and after pictures. 

I am not a real big fan of the before pictures which is good that means hopefully I will see some progress! This is a bathing suite I have not worn in a while and when I look at it on me I know why. It is not very flattering.

This year I will be turning 26 which is not that old, but this will be my first year being closer to 30 than 20. Whoa! Also my boyfriend is 4 years younger than me so I am feeling the pressure to stay young and fit! (This is pressure I am putting on myself!) I have worked with Insanity for 3 days now and I already see the results in my legs. I feel so much stronger! So I started this challenge out of total vanity and now I am addicted to filling strong. I feel like it is so much easier to move around. Yoga even comes a lot easier. 

Using my heart rate monitor that blue tooth links to my phone (so cool!) I have been pushing myself to burn more calories doing insanity. This was the cardio circuit which I loved and could not make it through without a few rest breaks. The whole time I do Insanity I say over and over again "Just make it to the next water break!"

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shore Break 5k in Avon

The Shore Break 5k on Memorial day was so much fun! I was even able to do it with my best friend! 
Here is my time! I came in 9th in my category (female 25-29) out of 26! Yay! 

 The course was a little crazy. Cross Hwy 12 (the only hwy on the island), over very skinny board walks and bridges, down the sand road, up a beach access, down a beach access, a 2 foot drop (the sand did not meet the last step of the beach access), soft sand along the dune line, and then along the water line.  When we got to the beach access they had a shoe pick up. That was so neat. I never wear my shoes when I run on the beach and we had planed on caring them. It was high tied that morning and there was not a lot of beach to run on in most places! 

Drinking and running is not all that easy! You should really slow down. I usually do not take water durning a 3 mile run but I it was so hot and there was not one breeze! 

Me and Casey at the finish! We made it! Now we are on our way to the Gingerbread House for a latte!