Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Insanity the beginning (better late than never)

I wrote this post so long ago but then I could not decide if I was going to post it or not because it throws the whole before photos out there and insecurities I never knew I had. (my next thought "I wear this bathing suite out in public") So after that I said if everyone here at the beach sees me like this then why not the enter webs. So here it is I am three weeks in at the point and already I feel a lot better about my body and a lot stronger so check out my before Insanity! 

I have started Insanity! I am going to do the 60-day challenge. So the first step to doing insanity is to take the before and after pictures. 

I am not a real big fan of the before pictures which is good that means hopefully I will see some progress! This is a bathing suite I have not worn in a while and when I look at it on me I know why. It is not very flattering.

This year I will be turning 26 which is not that old, but this will be my first year being closer to 30 than 20. Whoa! Also my boyfriend is 4 years younger than me so I am feeling the pressure to stay young and fit! (This is pressure I am putting on myself!) I have worked with Insanity for 3 days now and I already see the results in my legs. I feel so much stronger! So I started this challenge out of total vanity and now I am addicted to filling strong. I feel like it is so much easier to move around. Yoga even comes a lot easier. 

Using my heart rate monitor that blue tooth links to my phone (so cool!) I have been pushing myself to burn more calories doing insanity. This was the cardio circuit which I loved and could not make it through without a few rest breaks. The whole time I do Insanity I say over and over again "Just make it to the next water break!"

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Davida @TheHealthyMaven said...

Insanity is tough! Good for you girl! I have never done the full program but occasionally when I want a good butt-kicking from Shaun T I'll do a workout at home. Keep us posted on the progress!